Photos of Benjamin McManus’ Street Performance

Photographs by Kate O’Hara

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Urgent! Performance Art on the Street, today

Art intervention on the street by travelling artist from New Zealand, Benjamin McManus. Around 4pm close to house no. 11, street 29 – come and see what happens…

And on Sunday, dancers invaded downtown Manhatten, New York performing Will Dorne’s ‘Bodies in Urban Places’ …click here for full story

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Artists and architects thinking outside the ‘white cube’

New-York based architecture company Foster + Partners and the Sperone Westwater Gallery, have combined to create a rare architectural masterpiece, in the form of a moving gallery within an elevator. The gallery consists of four exhibition floors with a square-footage-extender that doubles the room size on each level by parking itself on that floor.

As the art world faces the same economic difficulties as those who exist outside of it, there is increasing pressure for it to act sympathetically, democratically and ‘reach new audiences’. One might trace this drive to exist outside of a commercial or traditional gallery space back to the late 1950’s or 1960’s in the West, when artists literally began to use their work as a means to break outside of the confines of the gallery walls. American minimal sculptor and video artist Richard Serra invaded the gallery space and altered its physical construction and viewer perception of it, consequently impacting on the relationship between artist, gallery and visitor. This instinct has become stronger both within artistic production and curatorial practice, and is regarded as acceptable lexicon, as evidenced in the commonplace reference to ‘site-specific’ and ‘public’ art. For Cambodia, a kingdom without a national, designated home for the contemporary art which it is producing at an exciting speed, ‘alternative’ conditions and sites such as these, may be the answer for new and direct engagement, and help act as a form of cultural check-and-balance for urban development projects.
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Calling all architects and urban planners…

Now in its third week, ‘West Arch-A New Generation in Architecture’ taking place in Aachen, Germany, is showing the completed work, as well as work in progress, from 25 architecture studios from across Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. The brief has been to respond in a fresh way to the difficulties faced by contemporary architects: from the theoretical to the practical. The organisers have emphasised the impact of the global economic crisis in forcing a re-examination of the status quo; a re-definition of what constitutes a viable, ‘possible’ idea, from economic, social and ethical standpoints. The event also incorporates workshops and lectures. It runs until 14 November.

Click here for details…

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