Tomasz Gebus

“When I was a little boy I went to school every day and I walked past a bookshop on my way.  I often stopped in front of the big shop window and looked at the books.  It did not take me much time to find the one.  I do not remember its title, but I know it was on photography.  "Photography"--from the very beginning this word has had something to do with magic, promising a lot and fascinating me.  Later on I discovered a lot of varieties related to this word; and that happened when the spirit of a wanderer awakened in me wished to stop and keep the pictures of the journey.”

Exploring mountain scenery…

“Everybody tries to find their place and time.  When did I find it?  I don’t know—perhaps it was when I was born in the autumn of 1967 (each of us loves the season he was born in), or when being a little boy I saw the mountains in the autumn—that has remained inside me.  Uncommon mountains, variable weather—rainy gray skies and thousands of colors of “Indian summer,” deserted health resorts, sunrises and sunsets—all this makes me return to the mountains in the autumn when I find ‘my own’ place and I take pictures.”—Tomasz Gebus

Looking for the ideal image…

“Landscape photography is the best thing that I have come across in my life.  I wouldn’t do anything better in my life.  I have not devoted so much time, affection, and energy to anything else, which is so indispensable while following dangerous mountain routes.  But I love risk, which is accompanied by stress and excitement.  Every day I realize that I made the right decision.  I don’t think that I have worked out my own style—it’s too early for that, I’m not old enough and I still look for my own ways to perfection in order to see better pictures.

As a photographer I have taken thousands of pictures in my life.  I have never wanted to take that many; I have always wanted to take that only right one which I have not created yet.  It is insides me all the time, completely perfect.  Whenever I try to create it, something quite different comes out of it; that is why there are so many photographs and each of them seems to be a kind of failure.”—Tomasz Gabus

about the artist

Ms. Hanna Gabriela Reglinska Mr. Tomasz Gebus