The upcoming exhibition by British artist Sasha Constable comprises a range of themes, materials and artistic methods. The show which is titled “Crocs, Cocks and Rocks” highlights Sasha’s continual quest to challenge her ability to create new images using diverse materials. This exhibition has given Sasha the opportunity to utilize her artistic talent in the exploration of themes related to her experience in Cambodia:

Crocs - Whilst living in Siem Reap, Sasha became interested in the thriving crocodile industry and the reptiles’ primordial beauty. Her croc work concentrates on pattern and texture.

Cocks - Images of linga’s and yonis are everywhere, illustrating the cycle of life, fertility and continuity. From the thousands of lingas carved in the riverbeds at Phnom Kulen and Kbal Spean to the giant linga of Phnom Bok, everyone loves a good linga.

Rocks - As a professional stone sculptor, Sasha was drawn to Cambodia by the magnificent temples of Angkor and they have held her here ever since...

Crocs, Cocks and Rocks – will rock

Sasha was born into an artistic family and comes from a long line of “Constable” artists dating back to her famous ancestor “John Constable” the quintessential British landscape artist of the 19th century.  Sasha’s father Richard Constable has devoted his life to the creation of art (five small gouache paintings by Richard are included in the show) and Sasha followed her artistic genes completing a BA Honors Sculpture degree from Wimbledon School of Art in London.  From there Sasha set out to explore the world and to develop her artistic talents.  Her travels have taken her from England to the Americas, Africa and Asia where she now resides in Siem Reap.  In Cambodia, Sasha has served as the “artist in residence” with the World Monuments Fund before moving into the education of young Khmer artists. In 2001 she taught a six week printmaking course at the Royal University of Fine Art (RUFA) which culminated in a successful exhibition titled “Open Window” at Java, sponsored by the British Embassy.  In October 2003 she co-founded Peace Art Project Cambodia (PAPC) which involves the use of weapons in the creation of art for expressions of peace and was the project coordinator until October 2004.  Sasha is now moving back to her preferred material – rock – and in the coming year hopes to establish a modern stone sculpture workshop with young Khmer artists.  She has lived in Cambodia since the year 2000 and cannot yet foresee a departure date…

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