In the age of plastic surgery, the artist explores the concept of identity through the face, the body and their reflections, his introspective look questions their various representations.

An exercise of patience and concentration, the artist plays with the intensity of the eye, and its interpretations. He seeks to reveal the layers in a look, a face materializing only once eroded and crisscrossed by others. Masks, waxes, features, avatars superpose, and distort each other, multiplying inevitably subjective points of view.

Born from drawing and lithography, the artist uses mixed techniques and a narrow range of colors to better focus on the subject; refusing the use of colors as a solution in itself. At the root of each work lie images, ads, scientific curves and scoops, which have been snatched from the video sphere, a transient present, while retaining their humanity and fusing their meanings. The choice of figuration offered here is man rooted in time, in his time, whose slow making resists the pressure of naturalist pictures that aspire to reality while they, in fact, only fake it.

The individuality and isolation of the face offers a mirror to the viewer by reflecting the continuous moves of thought. A meditation on one's own face, on other's, on the story written over it, on codes of representation, on the streams of likeness going over it throughout its making, gender variation, ambivalence, and animality. Everything contributes to the final stasis, a face inhabited by several incarnations of thought and its mystery.

about the artist

David Chapuis