In our world, every country experiences war, like Cambodia and other countries such as those who in the two World Wars.  These wars have left behind a great deal of misery in each country, which continues to the present day.

It is true that we should understand war.  War is made by one group fighting against another group which usually leads to a violent eruption.  It is hard to see which group wins or loses the war.  The winner and the loser both suffer as a result of great destruction.  For example, from 1975 – 1979 in my country, Cambodia, there was war and a genocidal regime, which caused people to suffer from all kinds of miseries including disabilities, death, separation from parents, husbands, wives and children.  Moreover, an uncountable amount of human resources were killed.  Meanwhile, war destroyed all kinds of houses, roads, schools, hospitals huge commercial buildings, garages, religions, pagodas, churches, mosques, ancient temples, etc., which were left behind by our ancestors thousands of years ago.  And, more obviously, in 2003, a war broke out between the United States of America and Iraq due to the leaders of both countries being unable to reach an agreement leading to the eruption of war causing chaos around the world.  At that time, the United States of America sent many troops to stage a war in Iraq, making Iraq suffer severe damage, leaving numerous people and soldiers dead, while the United States of America, who won the war, also lost many lives of their soldiers and spent considerable amounts of money.

In conclusion, regarding war and humans, it is war that destroys and kills human lives, and war is made by the leaders of each country.

In the name of artists, I have created this work as an appeal to leaders as well as citizens to clearly see and understand the difficulties and miseries left behind by war, and I want all leaders in the world to consider this:  “We leaders, should stop war!”  I want all the leaders to resort to other means to seek solutions through discussion, tolerance and understanding toward each other.  Only then will the world be at peace.

about the artist

Veasna Sa