The issue of unemployment and basic lack of food has made many daughters living in poor families throughout Cambodia leave their beloved homes to go to the city in order to find work. Moreover, many of them are forced to immigrate into other countries including North Korea, Malaysia, and Thailand, where they are faced with harsh labor conditions.

These girls are met with countless obstacles, difficulties and threats including rape and imprisonment where they must put on a brave face, despite callous and cruel peoples actions.

I would like you to think about what these women go through mentally and physically after these betrayals which, unfortunately, lead to despair and in some cases even suicide.

In contrast, some young women are fortunate enough to live in a loving and warm environment, where their parents care, protect and look after them - they are like a lovely lotus that has not yet bloomed.

I want my paintings to interpret and try and understand these issues faced by women in our society, in order to show and inform people that we must nurture our daughters, sisters and mothers and prevent these cruel circumstances recurring over and over.

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Soviet Mao