Welcome to "The Mystique of the Orient and other drawings" by Nicolas.C.Grey in his premiere exhibition at Java Cafe and Gallery and also his first in Cambodia.  For this exhibition he will showcase 28 works that have been produced during his passage through Asia. These illustrations are exquisitely executed and will hopefully give viewers an alternative view of Asia and its diverse morsels, through the eyes of one Nicolas.C.Grey.

Among other things Nicolas has written and published underground comics, painted cinema hoardings, and exhibited with Britart in London. He now lives and works in Phnom Penh.

"For this exhibition, I have, in part, created a series of drawings that in a small way convey my feelings about Asia.


Having lived in various Asian Countries for the past few years, I find them to be wonderful places full of mystery and delight. But as the modernization of Asia continues, through mass products, global communications and cheap air travel, I feel a certain standardization of aesthetic.


As a child growing up in London, Asia always had a certain mystique. A strange dark continent filled with unknowable things. I am interested in what the earliest travelers must have felt, coming to a land so different from their own, as if waking up in a strange dream.


This is the Asia that I see, an Asia that, perhaps, lives entirely in the darkness of my imagination."

about the artist

Nicolas C. Grey