Once/Twice: Focus on Southeast Asia

Does one turn her camera lens to the faces, to the scenery?  What is more important, the story or the mood?

These are difficult choices in Cambodia.  Everything is vying for attention and is just so wonderful.  Every inch is packed with color, motion and life.

The montages here are meant to show dichotomy.  History, religion, strife, the land, the people: Cambodia in it’s depth of meanings.  By taking 2 separate images and overlapping them in a way that they are transparent yet separate, they take on nuances from each other and tell a deeper story.

For example, the hands playing the marvelous ancient instrument belong to a land mine victim.  The serene rice fields, with palm trees and mountains in the background are lovely to behold.  Yet, what dangers could lurk in the earth, what traditions were almost lost in the battles?

The single images are simpler, yet still tell a story beyond color, shape and design.  It is up to the viewer to make his own interpretation.  After all, it is your life, and hence, your story.

--Gay Wind Campbell

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Gay Wind Campbell