Year of the Golden Pig, which is based on the Chinese cyclical calendar, brings together the alternating life and death cycle.  Sasha’s celebration of birth contrasts but compliments Vincent’s exploration of death and the consumption of death—one not existing without the other.  Both artists have realized through their opposing subjects the mortality of flesh that through the perpetual cycle becomes eternal.

Sasha Constable

Whilst researching Year of the Golden Pig (17 February 2007 – 7 February 2008) as a theme for this collaborative exhibition with Vincent Broustet, what continually caught my eye were articles regarding the increase in births this year and how many maternity wards in Chinese hospitals were finding it difficult to cope with the increase in babies born.

Year of the Golden Pig is seen by many Asian women to be an auspicious year for having a child. There is a belief that a child born in this cycle of the Chinese calendar (Year of the Golden Pig occurs every 60 years) will be prosperous in both their financial and personal life.


The work I have created for this exhibition is a celebration of birth and also importantly the changing physical shape and beauty of pregnant women as they introduce new life into our world.

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Vincent Broustet

The conflict between my affection for the peaceful pig and my appetite for its ribs allowed me to see the ambiguous tenderness in the butcher’s gesture and the frivolous abandonment of the carcass.  These images pay homage to this kind animal, which we celebrate and slaughter to satisfy our lustful and carnivorous natures.

And because it is only one step from absurdity to dreams, I have depicted three landscapes of three Cambodian heavens for the Pig.

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Sasha Constable

Vincent Broustet