A dream induced me to produce a work of art whose intent is to show that everyone dreams, without exception, and in his or her own way.  If you carry a dream deep within your heart and you keep alive the hope it offers, you will always achieve its promise, however impossible it may seem.  These images do not evoke my own dreams.  They are rather an invitation to think about and question the subject of your own dream.  Look for it, and always place it before you, because if you leave it behind, one day you will finally forget it.

about the artist

Ravuth Heng

Heng Ravuth (b. 1985) has been exhibiting his work as a photographer and painter for nearly a decade.  He received his BFA from the Royal University of Fine Arts Phnom Penh in 2006 and completed an intensive course in photography with mentor Stephane Janin.  He is also one of the original co-founders of the Sa Sa artist collective.  Most of Ravuth’s work is centered around the self as medium and boldly using nudity as a form of expression.  Notable solo exhibitions include Innermost 1 at Sa Sa Bassac (2011) and Nude and Dream for the Photo Phnom Penh 2010 and 2008 respectively. His work has also featured in group shows at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Singapore (2012), The Leading Lights at Arta Gallery, Toronto (2014) and Between Fantasy and Reality at Art Square Gallery, Toronto (2012).