“The artwork of Nicolas C.Grey resides in a kind of exquisite purgatory between beauty and blight. This English artist manages to make the most discomforting of imagery into masterful and epic works that celebrate the immense power of simple black lines laid down on paper.

Grey’s keen and restless eye has resulted in a large portfolio of intricate drawings, collages and photographs. He blends and juxtaposes dreamy etheral photos of people and dimly lit gritty interiors with pen and ink drawings and found objects—creating a private conversation between the objects, the photos and the drawings. His attention to detail extends to taking methodical and exacting care in choosing found vintage or handmade frames for his mixed media work. Before the artist hangs anything on the wall, every aspect and nuance of the work is considered and manipulated.”

--An excerpt from an article by Bradford Edwards, adapted for the exhibition.


Nicolas C. Grey is a self-taught artist, who built his artwork out of comics and underground art movements.  His work is inspired by surrealism, pop culture, history and religious symbols which populate his nightmare-scapes.  Walking down “the dark corridor” we are confronted by our own sub-conscience and fears, illuminated by blinking fairy-lights.

Grey’s work appeals to today’s ever-changing perception of “good and evil.”  It used to be that a superhero was known by his brightly colored uniform and his nemesis was easily recognizable in his black costume and wicked laugh; now the lines between the sacred and the profane are blurred and we are unsure who is the bad guy who is who is the hero.  These definitions, often created and maintained by political and religious institutions, are put into question by Grey’s black pen.  Here, the artist removes the labels to reveal the true nature of humanity, all the good and the bad.

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Nicolas C. Grey