This new work by Sokuntevy reveal’s the artist’s desires and longing for family life as she struggles with her identity as a young Cambodian woman in the 21st century.  Coming from a rural home, she is often startled by the differences between families in the countryside and of those in the city.  As she moves in between, from foreground to background, her role changes from an independent artist to a faithful and obedient daughter.  At times seeking the comfort and security of home life, she is compelled to tell the story of intimate family relationships, bonded by blood and communal living.

Each of us are bound by these family ties all our lives—but like Sokuntevy, who has chosen her own path as an artist, we are the product of our will and environment combined.  Like the multi-colored skin of her subjects we are each made up of various influences from our family and DNA to friends and lovers to education and experience and infinite encounters.  Some is by choice, and others are fate.  But we are the artist of our own lives as we mix each hue to paint the canvas stretched out before us

about the artist

Sokuntevy Oeur

Sokuntevy Oeur

Sokuntevy Oeur (b. 1983) is a female painter from Cambodia who is boldly leading the charge of the country’s emerging women’s art movement. At the forefront of her practice is an impassioned personal search to determine where, as an independent woman and artist, she can identify herself within contemporary Cambodian society and the natural world. Sokuntevy studied painting at the Phare Ponleu Selpak in Battambang and moved to Phnom Penh in 2007. Sokuntevy has had much interest in her work as one of the few female contemporary artists currently showing from Cambodia. Solo exhibitions include Love, Death and Dreams at Utterly Art (Singapore), Love to Death at the French Cultural Centre, I Curl in Memory’s Belly at Java Gallery in 2010, and Star Signs at Hotel De La Paix in 2008 (Cambodia). Group exhibitions include Me Love you Long Time at Boston Center for the Arts, 2013 (USA), Sightlines at Noel-Baza Fine Art Gallery, 2010 (USA), Incheon Women Artists’ Biennale (Korea) in 2009, and The Art of Survival, Meta House Gallery, 2008 (Cambodia). Sokuntevy’s work is included in private and public art collections including the Singapore Embassy (Cambodia) and the Singapore Art Museum.