All the images here are of memories from various points in my life. People I know well, people I have met briefly, and people I have observed only for moments.

All have become locked into my life experience, so here they are.

As corporeal entities our lives are only fleeting in the great sprawl of human existence, as we come from the earth, we return to the earth in the smallest beat of the earth heart.

As complex, adventurous, and productive as our lives may be, the memory of our existence as living breathing entities are lost within just a few generations,

while  just a few of us might live on, through recorded histories, documents, images, songs, legends, and deeds, but even these will eventually be lost.

This body of work represents the fading of human beings back in to the earth, the background of each work represents elements of the earth, sandstone, alabaster, sulphur, chalk etc, while the portrait images are inspired by media that fade over time, or are made to be ‘throwaway’ such as street art, cave painting, newsprint photography, comic books, etc, with influences as diverse as the comic artists Miller and Hernandez, Russell Mills and his 23 Envelope design studio, and the award winning BBC documentary series ‘The World At War’ to name just a few.

Just as this might be seen to represent the meaningless of human life, so short, so transient, for me this is a celebration of human existence, in all its shapes and forms and its rich diversities, because we all make history. I hope you enjoy.

about the artist

David Harding