Love Juice


When emerging from poverty and people have a fulfilled life they still feel empty, hungry for more—they are starving for whatever they can take. They take everything without limitation, it is like a hungry man that greedily eats a piece of bread—it is a nightmare, an obsession without end.

"Money can buy everything" is the answer for material life these days, I choose satire to address this modern condition, more important in a region that has known the greatest depths of poverty, war and destruction.

In this series Faith, Power, Loneliness, Love and all of human's emotions and desires are available through quick-fix, pre-packaged soft drink cans that are cheap and readily available.

about the artist

Cong Khanh Bui

Bui Cong Khanh, born in 1972, studied painting at the University of Fine Art in Ho Chi Minh City. Since 1996, Khanh has been exhibiting his works in group and solo exhibitions in Vietnam, Korea, France, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and most recently in Australia at the Asia Pacific Triennial at the Queensland Art Gallery. He has joined several arts festivals, often as a performance artist. Khanh's work ranges from self-portraiture to modern Chinese vases to charcoal wall murals to performances. His work is sometimes considered controversial for his themes of social ills and politics, and his provocative performances. Khanh's work is in the collections of the Queensland Art Gallery and Lenzi-Morisot Foundation.