24hr Drawing: 8am Saturday, 28 SEPT – 8am Sunday, 29 SEPT, 2013

Strip All Night: 24 Hour Comics is a retrospective showcasing five years of work produced by professional and amateur artists during Cambodia’s annual 24 Hour Comics Day, archived by Our Books Cambodia.

‘24 Hour Comics’ is a globally recognized ‘free drawing’ exercise designed to unlock creativity.

Once a year, cartoonists of all ages and skill levels around the world take up the challenge to create a full 24 page comic in 24 consecutive hours. (Many of our local artists have adopted a ‘Cambodian Variation’ of one page / one hour.)

Our Books Cambodia has been facilitating 24 Hour Day as a communal drawing event since October 2008 to connect local artists to this unique exercise and the global comics community.

Artist guides’ Sao Sreymao and Moeu Diyadaravuth will be on hand to orient newcomers. Refreshments, art materials, and a dedicated drawing space will be provided. For participants with children, a play room is available.

Strip All Night: 24 Hour Comics is curated by Daen Lia Kelly

24hr Drawing is hosted by Our Books, with support from JavaArts

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