Ms. Eiko Naganawa, well known in Japan, returns to Cambodia to exhibit her latest works. In this new body of work on traditional washi paper, Ms. Eiko has blended her figurative style with more abstract movement. Her work often evokes mystery and calls on legends of the past to create epic compositions in small dimensions.

Ms. Eiko, with a background in impressionist art, influenced by both classical European and Japanese art, sees her approach to her work as a collaboration between the materials. She works with traditional handmade washi paper and hand-pounded watercolor pigments, each requiring tedious attention to the method and quality. Like the materials, Ms. Eiko also refers to traditional imagery of goddesses, some real and some imagined, legends and mythical figures. Her work is a nod to the past and time-honored traditions with the addition of a sense of playfulness and whimsy.

about the artist

Eiko Naganawa