About Java

JavaArts is a cultural enterprise that was launched in partnership with Java Café & Gallery in the year 2000 in Phnom Penh, where it operates a gallery and arts lab.  Supported by the café and gallery activities, JavaArts is a platform for the development of contemporary visual arts in Cambodia.  It works to sustain arts practice for artists, researchers, curators and other creative practitioners and has provided a launching pad to many emerging artists who have since gone on to become prominent figures in the contemporary art world.

In response to the changing artistic climate in Cambodia, JavaArts launched the Arts Lab and Residency program in 2012 to formalize and expand the support for art production, providing grants, workspace and logistical support to Cambodian artists. Initially, the space was created to showcase emerging artists, but it became clear that it served the community best in a generative role. The space evolved to be a modular arts lab that functions as an office, a studio, a gallery and an incubator for contemporary concepts and ideas.

The JavaArts Lab extends its support to other arts practitioners to further the knowledge, documentation and critical discourse on contemporary Cambodian art both in the country and in the wider global context. It continues to experiment with this new platform working with artists, researchers and curators.

Dana Langlois, Founding Director

With a background in visual arts Dana Langlois has focused on contemporary Cambodian art for more than a decade.  She curates solo shows of emerging artists and collaborates with other arts practitioners to produce exhibitions and projects.  Her particular areas of interest include arts infrastructure and ecosystems, public art, participatory art and experimental practices.  She is involved in research and documentation of contemporary arts practices in Cambodia and being based in Phnom Penh since 1998, is one of the most active and long-standing practitioners in this field. Langlois founded JavaArts (2000), Sala Artspace, an experimental gallery and studio (2006-7) and Our City Festival (2008).