Meas Sokhorn’s new show after two years

After a quiet period of almost two years, Meas Sokhorn will exhibit a new series of paintings. Working on a background of alarming-red, Meas depicts figures on motorbikes, in cars and walking along the roads of Phnom Penh. The figures are not grounded to any fixed perspective and seem to be detached from the background—creating a loose and chaotic composition. It gives the impression that one could shake the canvas and the characters would float around and settle in new positions. But the artistic narrative unfolds in the details.

In the corner of one canvas are the words in English “LANE OWNER,” while horns emerge from the faces of pedestrians, a steering wheel and policeman caps. In another, a Chivas logo covers the road that cars drive over. The passengers carry bottles of alcohol and firearms. While another painting refers to the political rallies of the Cambodian General election of 2013.

Although the literal representation is largely traffic and alcohol, a secondary and subversive theme of class conflict and exploitation of power pervades the body of work.

Meet the artist and see the full exhibition on the opening night.

New works by Meas Sokhorn
Exhibition opening: 6:30pm Wednesday, 10 September, 2014
Showing 10 September—16 November, 2014

Java Café, 56 Sihanouk Blvd, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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