Oeur Sokuntevy, “one of the most recognizable Cambodian artists”

Works by Oeur Sokuntevy have recently been selected to be included in the international event ASYAAF in Korea, that features the work of upcoming talents from Asia.

Her work is also featured in the travelling show Global Hybrid, curated by Denise Scott, that will open at Meta House on July 5th.

Sokuntevy is considered an important emerging artist of contemporary Cambodian art scene.  International publication Le Petite Journal identified her as one of the most recognizable Cambodian artists.  With her work being shown in Singapore, US, Korea and Cambodia this is certainly true.

Pierrette Van Cleve, collector and art historian, speaks about Sokuntevy: “Her narrative is now complex and multi- layered with a leap in being able to have the skill to paint what she is feeling rather than visual parodies of what she wants to express. She transitioned into a tighter and more competent work with narratives which were touching on the brave and honest as well as funny themes she is now painting. Tevy is not nostalgic as much any more but instead she is really trying to see where her ideas about life, her stories about herself fit into a bigger world.”

JavaArts will present a new body of work by Oeur Sokuntevy in November 2013.  Her recent exhibition at Utterly Art (Singapore) can be seen here.

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