Soft opening jGALLERY

Soft opening: JavaArts opens jGALLERY, featuring contemporary arts in Asia

6-9pm Saturday, 22 May, 2010

56 Sihanouk Blvd, at the end of the small alley next to Java Café & Gallery

LIVE performances, video and DJ

Electronic music by David Gunn, from Incidental (London)

Poetry by Berkavitch

“Heavy Skirt” short film – Leang Seckon

DJ by Nam

Building on ten years of curating emerging artists and arts development in Cambodia, JavaArts opens jGALLERY, a showcase for contemporary arts in Asia.  For the opening, artwork from the gallery’s inventory will be displayed.  jGALLERY focuses on Cambodia and represents three of the leading artists, Chath Piersath, Meas Sokhorn and Oeur Sokuntevy.  In addition, the gallery stocks artwork from other Cambodian artists, like Marine Ky and Srey Bandol, and will be developing that collection to include Southeast Asian artists and artists working in Asia.

jGALLERY, located at the end of the small alley next to Java Café & Gallery, is an open space dedicated entirely to the exhibition of artworks, including paintings, photography, sculpture, installation and new media.  There will be six exhibitions a year on a bi-monthly basis.  Starting June 22, jGALLERY invites Bui Cong Khanh, a Vietnamese artist whose work was recently featured at the Asia Pacific Triennial in Brisbane, to show his Juice series.  Following that, a video installation and artworks from the collaborative project Hawker Song will be displayed.  Later in November, Peap Tarr, already known in New Zealand for his street art-style, will cover the gallery walls with his Khmer and Maori influenced visual epics.

In addition to the new gallery space, JavaArts launches its new official website,, featuring a ten-year archive of exhibitions, current events, artists and projects.  JavaArts will maintain an active news blog and social media profile to promote local artists and events.  The full website will be accessible from May 22nd.

Dana Langlois
Director, JavaArts
+855 12 894 180

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