Java Gallery Upstairs

Horror Vacui: The Interior World

Installation and drawings by Nicolas C. Grey

For the exhibition, Grey has reconstructed this internal landscape as an installation of three dimensional objects and backdrop that are covered with his intricate drawings.


Java Gallery Upstairs


New works by Sokuntevy Oeur

Continuing her exploration of subconscious and dream imagery, Oeur Sokuntevy exhibits a new series of paintings that playfully investigate personal secrets. Shifting away from personal story-telling, social and gender commentary move to the forefront of this series of twelve paintings featuring scenes and portraits of fictionalized characters. Through satirical gestures—the shift of the eye, hand signals, a “shushing” finger—we know there is more going on below the surface.

Java Gallery Upstairs

Distant Geography

Words, collages and poetry by Chath pierSath by Chath pierSath

Distant Geography looks at the work of Cambodian Diaspora artist Chath pierSath, bringing together his collages and writings, exploring language and his unique visual vocabulary as forms of storytelling, history-making and investigation of self.