Java Gallery Upstairs

Innermost II

Painting by Ravuth Heng

Innermost II is the work of Heng Ravuth in which he continues to explore self-portraiture and the body as a medium for expressing the human condition.  Refusing to be a “messenger” Ravuth proposes compositions that evoke mystery and curiosity.


Java Gallery Upstairs


Photography by Kim Hak

Unity is the intimate and emotional portrayal of a country mourning the death of its former King Sihanouk.  Bathed in warm tones of candlelight, the images capture moments of deeply felt grief and human tenderness that emerges in times of tragedy.

Java Gallery Upstairs

Gods and Angels

Costumes by Cheam Shapiro Sophiline

Gods and Angels is an exhibition of costumes from the early work of award-winning dancer/choreographer Sophiline Cheam Shapiro.